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So I made this mix tape (and put it on a cd) for my best friend, Erica, who just got into grad school at UMass. Since I have been experiencing a serious Pixies revival in my personal musical life, I immediately thought of the song UMASS., and went from there.

It is important to note that I decided a long time ago that I am lousy at making "message" tapes -- ones that hammer home a subtle message of something like, "I love you but your roommate is psychotic" or ""it's me or the ferret, decide now." Angry breakup mixes are always fun, but that's not where I'm at this month.

Instead, I usually make mixes of the songs that are currently turning me on, the songs that I desperately want to share with the world so that they will also be humming kick-ass tunes and making retarded air drumming gestures in public as well.

So, these songs, with the exception of UMASS, are not directed in any sort of "message" way to Erica, although there are maybe one or two inside jokes, but you won't notice those. It's more a snapshot of my inner life right now, I guess. March 2006. This is what it was like in my brain.

1. Rock and Roll Suicide -- David Bowie

2. Hangin' Round -- Lou Reed

3. Beth (kiss cover) -- No Use for a Name

4. Big Brown Eyes -- Old 97s

5. Where is My Mind? -- Pixies

6. July, July -- Decemberists

7. Holland, 1945 -- Neutral Milk Hotel

8. The Bird you Can't See -- Apples in Stereo

9. Funny Little Frog -- Belle and Sebastian

10. Wishbone -- Architechture in Helsinki

11. Breathless -- Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

12. Say You Miss Me -- Wilco

13. Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood -- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

14. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) -- The Arcade Fire

15. We Both Go Down Together -- Decemberists

16. UMASS -- Pixies

I am considering taking off the CYHSY tune, although I like it, because the ending is kind of annoying. But that would mess up the perfect 60-minute total time acheived.

And yes, I am, as my buddy Jay has noted, "totally queer for" the Decemberists. Yep. Fah-laming.

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